Morus Silk Superfine

Morus Silks Superfine, Gossamer silk is back!
The pinnacle of fly tying silk and the first standardized fly tying silk was Pearsalls Gossamer.  This well known thread has been the standard to which all other threads have been measured since 1916 with the publishing of Edmonds and Lee's Brook and River Trouting.  Upon closure of Langley threads gossamer went off the market completely and what looked to be permanently.  Step in Morus Silks of Liversedge UK. Acquiring the rights to gossamer is just the legal side to produce this thread. To produce the quality of what Gossamer is takes more, alot more. With a proffesional knowledge of silk and custom dying preocesses as well as the knowledge and support from many if the fly tying industry remaking gossamer has been no easy task.  Morus Silks is honored and excited to offer back to the fly tying commumity Gossamer silk in its new home as Morus Silks Superfine traditional fly tying silk.  Spooled on the same small 45m bobbins that have become signature to this thread and proudly wearing a new label this is gossamer thread through and through.  All of the original colors from Pearsall's will be available soon and mostly wearing their original number designators.  Here at Gunpowder Custom Tackle I am both honored and excited to be able to offer this thread back to U.S. market.  Gunpowder Custom Tackle also has the honor of being the U.S. based distributer of Morus Silk Superfine.  Brick and Mortar fly shops that supply materials for traditional tying styles and professional fly tyers with proper licensing are welcome to contact me to set up inventory supply.
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