Hare's Mask Dubbing Set

These Hare's Mask Dubbing Sets are the result of wanting to tie true Hare's Lug Spider's and such.  The Hare's mask has many different colors and textures of fur that are perfect for dubbing of various colors, anywhere from white to black and many shades of tan and brown.  I break these masks into 12 different colors and textures and label each as to the section of the mask it is from.  There are more uses for this wonderful dubbing than imaginable.  Due to the nature of a Hare's mask there are different amounts of each color and texture available, for instance there is not very much of the black hair on the ear tips but there is alot of the Ginger color from the cheeks. I choose only premium masks to be converted into these amazing dubbing set to make sure the Fly tyer gets the most out of these amazing dubbing sets.  Available in natural and bleached only, other colors can be special ordered.  
Colors Available

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