Fly Makers Wax

Fly Makers Wax

Fly Makers wax, also know as Cobblers Wax, has long been important toe fly tyer.  These waxes aid the fly tyer in many ways from helping dubbing to adhere to the thread, water proofing, and preserving the silk threads.  The different waxes have different properties to aid the tying process.  These properties are described with the type of wax.  To apply keep a small pea sized ball close to hand. Warm the wax slightly by rolling between your fingers. Now utilizing finger pressure draw the desired length of thread across the wax to apply a coating of the wax to the thread.

621 wax, the least tacky and hardest of the traditional waxes. Commonly called summer wax and could be kept in ones shirt pocket to tie streamside.
721 wax, a medium tack, medium hard wax. this is probably the workhorse wax of the traditional fly patterns.
722 wax, a soft high tack wax, also known as winter wax. This formula was commonly used during the cold seasons as it is the easiest to soften. Although not a true dubbing wax it does have some use in light dubbing applications.

each block of wax weighs approximately 1/4 ounce.
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