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5/6 Weight Furled Thread Leader

5/6 Weight Furled Thread Leader

Furled Thread leaders have been in existence for hundreds of years.  They provide the most control over long and light tippets.  I commonly fish a 5 foot tippet on the end of these leaders without any problems.  I make these out of soft multi-filament nylon thread.  Extremely supple the leader moves naturally with the water.  Greased with a paste floatant such as mucilin they float drag free, moving with the water to help the fisherman create a long natural drag free drift. Left untreated the leader will absorb some water to help get wet flies and nymphs sunk, yet the leader remains soft and mobile moving with the water as natural as possible. These leaders easily last an entire season fishing, and with the ring on the tip changing or adding tippet is easy as tying a knot.  Following the past of history I have color coded these furled leader as to the line weight they are designed for.  Each Line weight has two colors, one for spring and the other for fall fishing.  If you have not tried a furled thread leaden then you really do not know what you are missing out on!! 

Please see picture for true color of leader, color dot on selection is just a representation of the color for choosing purposes.
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