The Leaders found here i make, whether they are furled or hand tied tapered.  If you have never tried a furled thread leader than NOW is the perfect time.  Furled leaders give you unsurpassed control over long light tippets.  I commonly fish a 7 Ft furled thread leader with 4 to 5 feet of 6x.  Greased with a paste floatant, Furled leaders move in unison with the surface of the water, giving your dry flies and emergers long drag free drifts.  Left untreated the leader will absorb some water to help you get down to the fish without adding movement hindering weight.  These leaders are virtually memory free, and are very soft yet they turn over the tippet with superb accuracy and control.  Many new comers to furled thread leader worry that they are fragile being of thread design, with the lightest of the leaders having a tip breaking strength above 10 lbs, I promise they are plenty stong and durable.  Even with their strength the nature of the design is to protect the lightest of tippets and to help you bring the most trout to hand.  My hand tied tapered leaders are also a product of needing something better.  With the commonly available tapered leaders it is difficult to find leaders that are built precisely for a task.  They are usually designed as all purpose and work ok most of the time.  I find myself often fishing long leaders, or wanting to fish a indicator rig yet have nothing attached to the leader.  So after some time i began making my hand tied tapered leader with these feature built in.  Give then a try, and see for yourself.  And by all means, if you have a special request contact me.  Lets make your fishing tackle how you want it, within reason of course.


Fly shops and Licensed Guides, Contact me for special pricing on Flies and Leaders to keep you well stocked throughout the seasons.