Custom Orders

Have you ever been looking for a particular fly pattern or tying material and just can not find it?  Or have you ever thought to yourself, If I could just have "x" added to this pattern, that would make it something extra special?  What about a particular length leader?  Have you ever wanted a custom color furled leader to match a particular set up, or tapered just the way you think it would work best?  How about a leader with a sighter trace built in at a length you prefer?  Fly fishing products should be more customer friendly instead of the industry determining what is preferred.  Feel free to contact me via this site with your requests.  We shall work together to try to build a product that fits your needs, without being ridiculously priced.  Even the simplest request is not to much to ask. 

If you  will indulge me a small moment of your time.  I would like to tell you why I have determined that easy to attain custom orders are important in the world of Fly Fishing.  When I was a young man of roughly 14 or 15 years of age, I was just getting serious about tying.  I had been tying for about three years at this point and was a ok tyer, of course at that time I thought I was great.  My parents were crafters and made toys and ornaments, throughout the year they would attend craft shows to sell their wares.  As i was enjoying tying and with the never ending encouragement of my parents i would set up a little tying table at the end of their show booths and sell a few flies.  On one occasion a gentleman approached me and asked if i had ever heard of a "grand stonefly nymph".  Of course i had not, apparantly it was a pattern that orvis had offered in years past and it had not been available for quite sometime.  So the question came if I could tie up some of these from his description, well of course I would try.  The challenge of it was a great deal of fun.  So with some good descriptions on his behalf and a few tries later, I had made one man extremely happy almost to the point of giddiness.  He prompltly ordered some of these flies for a trip that he was leaving on and he just couldnt get over the fact that he was able to get a old favorite fly of his.  Over the next couple of years he would order these flies before is annual trip out west.  Every year when they were ready, my mother would drive me to meet him in the next town over as we always agreed on a hand delivery.  As I got a few years older I joined the army and unfortunatly lost contact with him.  Although people come and go in our lives and alot of the details of events get lost in time, I always have remebered how happy he was to be able to find a favorite fly pattern that he thought he had lost because someone decided that it should be replaced.  Now this is just one event that has happened over the years that has helped to shape my opinion of what the industry should be, or atleast my place in it.  There has been many people in my 20 years of tying now that have shared with me so much knowlege.  From the man that first taught me to cast a fly rod, to the shop owner that agreed to teach a twelve year old a complete tying course, and was my fly tying/fishing mentor for years to come, also the celebrity tyers, rod builders, reel makers, friends and customers I have met over these years, I understand why Fly Fishing has been called "the Gentlemans Sport". It is my goal to add to that title through my offerings and contributions to other fly fisherman.